Connor Franta fan-fiction 3

(names used within this story has no relevance to anyone, all made up. Connor’s personality is also made up by my imagination. nothing is real, it’s all imagined) 

Chapter 3

Okay. morning was finally here, and today was the first day of playlist LIVE. I was extremely excited! AHHH. I took my time getting ready, wanted to make sure i looked good. Eliza woke up late but she managed just fine to look beautiful. I’ve always been jealous of her. Blonde, skinny, thigh gap, legs to die for and all round lucky with men, money and love. She is currently engaged to a  NRL player back in Australia. As for me I’m brunette, a bit chubby and well no luck in love. I’ve spent my life in dancing and had my head screwed on in school because i wanna be a nurse and well actually i am a nurse.

We made our way into a cab and off we went.

Walking into playlist LIVE was amazing. Screaming fans, camera flashes everywhere, hugs all round. We went around meeting youtubers and meeting fans of the youtubers we like. I made like so many friends! I took a step back to appreciate what i had, and where i was. Looking around i felt blessed. As i was daydreaming, Connor’s arms quickly wrapped around me, i could feel his cheek rub against mine and heard him say “can’t wait till we can finish what we started”. Oh that made me so weak, so in love… my face went extremely red! I turned to face him and he took one look and my cleavage and look so upset. He apologized atleast a million times. I gave him a hug and a kiss and told him not to worry… i enjoyed them. He winked at me and had to leave to go meet fans.

Some girl came up to me and started abusing me cause i didn’t deserve Connor and that i’m just a slut from Australia looking to get laid. I was horrified. I quite didn’t expect this. “Connor is really digging down in the pit if he is doing you. You’re just trash” she walked away. I look back at Connor and left. I went straight to the hotel room and cried, and cried… and cried some more.  I ended up calming down. I had 7 missed calls, 3 texts from Connor all along the lines of “where’d you disappear to today?” As soon i got myself together i attempted to reply back, but there was a knock on my door. It was Jc.

I opened the door with red eyes, and a confused look on my face. “Umm wh-what you doing here?”  He puzzled my face for a second then gave me a big hug. He pulled away and said “sit down and tell me what happened? I saw you leave and so did Connor” Well i had explained to him what happened and all Jc said was “PHHHHEEEWWWWW Connor thought you where mad at him. He’d be happy to know you’re okay with him. and babe don’t worry, they’re jealous cause all Connor can think of is you.” After one more hug he left. I will admit i felt much better, but i had to ring Connor and make sure he knew what happened.

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